Monday, February 04, 2019

The Value of Man: A Poem

The Value of Man: A Poem based on the Bible story where Jesus frees a man possessed by demons by casting the demons into a herd of swine.
He wandered among the tombs,
Possessed of heart, body, mind,
No chains nor shackles,
Were strong enough to bind.

Night and day he cried out,
By the tombs and in the hills,
And though many had tried,
None could hold him still.

Then a stranger came ashore,
A man from Galilee,
With friends upon a wooden boat,
They crossed the unruly sea.

The man fell down upon his face,
And then cried aloud,
All were taken aback at this,
For in his voice, a crowd.

For mercy cried the demons,
Those who lived therein,
To the swine we beg you cast us,
Please not to hell again.

Their plea by Him was headed,
Though malice was in the plan,
Destroy the town's possessions,
And He will feel the wrath of man.

Headlong went the livestock,
Over cliffs into the sea,
The man sat dazed and staring,
Once again living and free.

"Be gone" cried the townsfolk,
When word had reached their ears.
"You have thus destroyed us,
For this one who sits so near."

Taking leave He turned to go,
And the man turned that way,
But He admonished him to spread the word,
And for this the man did stay.

Hard hearts can be created,
When value is seen in things,
And when a man is but little,
Compared to a herd of pigs.

Take heed to value souls,
And put pieces in their place,
Lest those wandering demons,
Come to rest behind thy face.

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David Roemer said...

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What do I still lack?