Tuesday, May 30, 2017

New Bunk Beds for the Boys - 2

Sorry for the delay but here you will find the mostly finished bunk beds we were working on in April and into May.  The boys are always helpful when I start a project like this and I am sincerely grateful for that.  I'm planning on offering a PDF download of the plans in the near future if you'd like to make something similar.

A, proud of his work.

W working on filling in his storage area.

The platform of each bed is hinged.  Lifting the bed and platform reveals a nice storage area for clothes and "junk".

Almost complete.  Put the smallest boy on top, he won't hit as hard.

S contemplating life as the sunrises.

Finished beds on the right.

Finished beds on the left.
The bunk beds aren't perfect but they suit us very well.  They give each boy their own bed with ample storage space for all of their treasures.  The next step will be installing shelves and reading lights for each bed.  Thanks for reading!

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