Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Catherine Update

Not too much to report here, but Jim said I needed to post something. I reminded him that this is his blog, and it's not my picture that's in the top corner. And then I realized I shouldn't have said that because I am afraid he will find some terrible picture of me and put it up there.

Catherine is doing pretty well. Yesterday the drainage from the OG tube was more than Monday. Today the drainage was less than yesterday and much clearer. Hopefully maybe tomorrow (or the next day) they will take the suction off the tube and let her try to get rid of it herself. They took her off an antibiotic that was increasing her motility (that's why she was on it, to increase her motility) because her stools are pretty watery. So far it seems like that is beginning to work. And she is being followed by another doctor, a gastroenterologist. She agreed with her surgeon that the best thing to do for now is to give Catherine some more time to get rid of the bilious secretions on her own rather than have another surgery to look for an obstruction.

I gave her a sponge bath today and her nurse removed that evil OG tube and didn't put it back in until after I left an hour later. It was so nice...I don't think I would have let her put it back in while I was there. She's so pretty without anything on her face. Here is a short video of Catherine smiling, with the tube of course.

Here's one with the tube out...


Pokankuni said...

Very good news! We are delighted. Catherine is so beautiful. We are praying for all your family and trusting you to do the same for ours: that seems to work better than everyone just praying for her own... :o)

Sarah Reinhard said...

So, Nicole, perhaps you should (a) start your own blog or (b) have Jim add you on as a user to this blog. I mean, it's "his" but what's "his" is "yours" as per, well, all the fine print and stuff. :) Right?

Anyway, the updates have a different feeling when you write them. They make me cry more, for one thing, but they also make it more...real?...something. Anyway, I like hearing from you, if only through the Catherine updates.

And though I'm reading them late and all in a big chunk, y'all have been in my prayers, especially every time I look down at MY (growing ever bigger crawling and getting into trouble) baby.

Big hugs and huge prayers,

Mother's Day Weekend.