Saint Simeon the God-Receiver

The Presentation of the Christ Child in the Temple Ludovico Carracci ca. 1605 Oil on Canvas  Museu Nacional d'Art Catalunya Luke 2:22-40 I often wonder in my heart and long to probe the mind of old Simeon... When did the Lord reveal to you that you would not die until you set eyes upon the Savior of the World? Was it only a few weeks prior when the caravan of the Wise Men stirred up the city with talk and speculation? Was it years previous while you were praying at the Temple and fasting along with Anna? Were you a young man like St. Joseph, receiving the message from God's angels in a dream? Were you merely a boy, on one of your many trips to Jerusalem with your parents? When did you receive this promise from the Lord? Regardless of when the Lord told you, did He also show you an image of the His Son? Did you wait patiently all those days, weeks, or years for a warrior king? Did you see Him from afar as the prophets did, arrayed in splendor as He was shown to Isaiah? Did you s

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