The Difficulty In Doing Simple Things

 Luke 4:24-30 In the early part of my conversion God graced me with many incredible "signs" that strengthened my faith. I suppose that I was such a lost cause that He needed to use drastic measures to set me back on the right path. One such instance happened in 1999 while I was working as an electrician for a company at the Port Columbus Airport. I was on break, reading a book, when I heard a voice tell me to go out into the concourse because there was a priest there. The whole morning I'd been desiring to go to confession so this was a real shock. So, in a way, I listened to the voice in my head and walked out into the concourse and looked around but there was no priest. I went back to my break and sat down again. The voice came again and told me he was now by the first terminal gate. I walked out and there sitting in a seat reading a paper was a priest in black. Of course the devil had to be involved in part of this and he talked me out of asking to confess but I decide

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