Sunday, January 18, 2009

And obviously baby participates in its benefits

Ah, the good old days of advertising. When the truth could be told about the health benefits of beer for mom and baby. Wait, no mention of dad? I'm sure he benefited too.


Bev said...

Hi again, it's Bev of the recycle your tv comment. I'm not sure if you are joking with this post or not, i.e. comparing it to the way doctors in the 50's encouraged pregnant women to smoke to keep their weight down.

I'm pregnant actually, and we're expecting this month. However, sometime back around week 30, I began sharing some of my breastfeeding concerns with my midwife. Just general things I'd read that might foul up my best efforts. One concern was milk production and having enough to feed our baby. She actually told me to send my husband out for a six pack the week the baby comes, and just have * a FEW SIPS * each evening until my milk supply changes over from colostrum to regular milk. Her reason was that the way things get fermented and yeasty in beer actually works chemically with the hormones that encourage milk production.

Obviously, I'm not to have any in pregnancy, and I'm not to even drink the whole bottle. Just a few sips. I was really skeptical about this but I've done some research and reading on the issue and she seems to have good science behind it. I'm not sure yet if I'll be brave when baby arrives in the next week or so, but we'll see.

Although, I doubt my midwife would endorse it as a "stimulating tonic"! (LOL)

James M. Hahn said...

Bev, Nicole has been drinking it to increase her supply and it is helping.

My grandmother swore by it to induce delivery. ;-)

Mother's Day Weekend.