Saturday, May 02, 2009

Random Pictures May 2nd

These are pictures we have taken over the past week. Comments below each picture....

We went to my uncle's house after Mass for a family get together. The boys brought their boots and the leisure stroll in the creek became an all out splash war, much of it instigated by their father..... mom stayed on the bank and took these action photos.

I threw this large flat rock at #2. He saw what was about to happen and quickly turned around. He still got wet!

One of many frogs sitting around the pond keeping and eye on us.

Nicole took this picture. I am not sure what sort of tree it is. I'm guessing an apple or cherry.

Haircut time with the boys. #2 volunteered for a mohawk.

He actually cried when I told him I couldn't leave it that way.

#1 getting a buzz cut for spring.

He's not as tough as he looks although he's one tough wrestler!

#3 gets cuter everyday. We're going to have a tough time with these boys and the fairer sex.

Deep in thought....or watching a brother do something that's not so bright.

Catherine got the play saucer for her birthday and the boys got the box.

Heading back home from a short hike on the property. It looks like we're in another country.

#4 and I found these strange beings growing in the midst of the May Apples.

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scmom (Barbara) said...

Those boys really are very cute -- better move to the jungle.

And Happy Birthday pretty baby Catherine!

Mother's Day Weekend.