Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Confirmation Preparation Guide

Two years ago I compiled a Confirmation Preparation Guide for the parish where I work. Since then other parishes have asked to use this same guide for their Confirmation program. I have now made it available to all who may be interested.

This guide is divided into the following sections:

1) The Sacrament and Signs and Rites of the Ceremony - in this section the student is able to study the sacrament of Confirmation (Latin Rite) in a Q & A format based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

2) The Rite of Confirmation - in this section the student will find the actual words, gestures, and responses of the Rite of Confirmation.

3) The Truths of Our Faith / The Seven Sacraments / The Basic Prayers of Our Faith / The Mysteries of the Rosary

4) Confirmand & Sponsor Workbook - this section is divided into 5 sub-sections that help the student, assisted by his or her sponsor, medtitate on and talk about the Catholic Faith. Those sections are a) Confirmation in the Early Church b) Sponsor Interview c)Practicing and Defending the Faith d)Discerning a Vocation and e) Scripture Study

5) Service in the name of Christ

This booklet can be used with an existing program or by itself. The entire thing is customizable for parishes and youth groups. You can preview the entire book here. If you are interested in purchasing copies for a parish or customizing the book, please send me an email for details. Thanks! Jim

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