Thursday, November 18, 2010

Recognizing Christ

Today's Readings

I don't often imagine Jesus weeping, but here He is, weeping as He looks upon Jerusalem. He weeps because He not only knows the fate that will befall the city, but also the reason behind its destruction. Jerusalem and its inhabitants do not recognize Him.

All of the readings this week are in some way concerned with idea of recognizing Christ. On Monday, the blind man recognizes Jesus even though blind. On Tuesday, Zacchaueus recognized Jesus and did whatever he could to get a better look at Him! On Wednesday, those who recognized the king by "trading" were rewarded while those who did not were punished or slain. Tomorrow, Jesus will drive out of His house all those who not only do not recognize Him, but do not recognize even God's house.

The question then, for me, is will I recognize him? Will I ask for my blindness to be healed? Will I do what it takes to see Him? Will I recognize Him by the way I use or "trade" what He has given me? Will I recognize His house and treat it as such? Or will He weep over me as He did Jerusalem? Lord, help me to recognize you!

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