Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Iron Jesus

For years I easily saw a parallel between the Superman (super hero) character and Jesus.  The story of Superman (Kal-El) tells us how Superman was sent to earth by his Father (Jor-El) (note the El is representative of the Hebrew for "god").  Superman is adopted by his earthly parents and is obedient to them for a time until he goes off to the Fortress of Solitude ( think Jesus in the Desert).  We could also note that tradition tells us that St. Joseph died sometime during the teen years of Jesus' life just as Superman's adopted father did in the movie.  Only after a time in solitude, communicating with his Father, does he re-emerge to basically save the world.

Though not a perfect parallel, the similarities are very striking.  I've recently found yet another "super hero" who shares many parallel features with Our Lord, most notably, His Sacred Heart.

Tony Stark is a playboy, millionaire who developed weapons to sell to the government, just like Jesus.  Okay, just kidding.  However, when Tony is captured by enemies, his heart is pierced in an explosion.  This pierced heart eventually becomes the catalyst for his designing the Arc-Reactor, the new heart, that keeps him alive and powers his Iron Man suit that will be used for good.  And the main part of the suit that is used to protect and defend?  His hands.

Of course every analogy ultimately limps but it is an interesting meditation to compare Jesus and Iron Man.  Both hearts were pierced by those who hated them yet their "power" is from their "heart".  Both use their hands for good (be they lasers or rays of grace). Both have powers that go well beyond natural human ability.

The analogy should probably end there before I get too carried away.  If you can think of any other similarities, let me know in the comment box.  Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have mercy on us!

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