Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Hike

We recently took the kids on a hike behind the house looking for buckeye nuts and whatever else we might find.  Here are some pictures from the trip...

Me giving Catherine a ride.
 For the first time ever Catherine tolerated and actually enjoyed getting in the backpack and hiking with us.  Hopefully she'll continue to tolerate that.

Christopher doing his best Legolas imitation.

Daniel hiding behind a giant maple leaf.

Daniel and the new puppy Samson.

Nicole and the boys at the top of the hill.

Along the creek.

Climbing the hill behind our house.

The race to the Buckeye tree.

Spotting of a rare flying squirrel...not really.

Who needs a play set?

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Anonymous said...

Great stuff! Posted on FB. God bless.
Stephen Hand

Mother's Day Weekend.