Saturday, March 05, 2016

A snowy morning hike.

 We awoke to a beautiful snowfall on Thursday morning.  Although only an inch, it covered every available surface making it truly a blanket of snow.
 We decided it would be a wonderful day for a hike and so, like every good hike in the cold weather, it begins with hot chocolate in a thermos.
The trail began along Big Pine Road near the rappelling area in the Hocking Hills.  Our goal was to get to Airplane Rock.  Airplane Rock is a rock out cropping that sits high above the forest floor.  It gives a commanding view of the valley that flows from East to West.  We were able to make it to the rock because of high water in the creek blocking our passage, so we simply enjoyed walking in the snow-covered woods along a well-worn horse trail.

 After leaving the horse trail, we loaded up the van and headed to a long-time favorite, Ash-Cave.

This girl loves her stroller!

Taking these trips with the kids is always a rewarding experience.  The boys love the natural wonders of the surrounding area.  We love to see them out away from technology, getting fresh air and exercise.  We also are invigorated by their sense of awe and wonder at the beauty given to us by God.  We highly recommend getting out, taking a day trip, stay-cation, or whatever you want to call it.  We also highly recommend our neck of the woods, learn more about it here, and give us a call if you are in the area!

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