Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Video of our Hike

The boys and I took a little hike up on the hill to look for wind damage after remnants of hurricane Ike came roaring through on Sunday. The wind storm, with 78 mph sustained winds, knocked out power to much of central Ohio on Sunday, over two million folks affected, and much of it has not been restored. We were very lucky not to have lost power even though much of our county did. I have been off work all this week so far and it could go on for a few more days (hopefully ;-)).

Anyway this is a 360 degree video starting with a look at our house from the top of the hill and circling all the way around back to the house.

The Hobbits are heading back to the Shire.

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Pokankuni said...

"Before me peaceful, behind me peaceful, under me peaceful, over me peaceful, all around me peaceful."

Mother's Day Weekend.