Thursday, June 01, 2017

Catherine's Mobile Stander

I've once again learned to not underestimate this girl.  At school she has been receiving therapy using this stander to help her gain strength and stamina.  We brought it home for the summer and I'm simply blown away.

I'm amazed at how proficient she is at maneuvering such a device.  She is able to roll around corners, through doorways, over carpet and more.  Catherine makes it look easy and she does so with the hand-eye coordination of a professional gamer.

However, what really amazes me is her disposition when she is in this contraption.  There are tons of books and videos addressing the power of posture, the power of physical positioning and it's influence on the mental position and mental health.  

These short (35 minute) sessions that Catherine experiences twice per day confirms the theories.  Each time she is placed in the stander her demeanor changes.  She's happy, smiles more (if that's possible) and is more outgoing.  She wheels around the house greeting everyone by name as if to say, "good morning, hello, look at me." This physical change affects her entire being.  I'm excited to see how she will develop over the summer using this crazy looking device.  Here's a video of her moving around the kitchen with skill and grace.


Scott Windsor, Sr. said...

Blessings, James! Our daughter had a mobile stander very similar to the one your daughter is using! Ours, however, was much larger and bulkier - and hard to maneuver. We tried to have her use it at school, but it became too cumbersome for the teachers and staff. It is such a joy to see one like your daughter has and it's use. Your video is no longer available. I would like to see/hear any recent news about your daughter.


James Hahn said...

Scott, thank you for your comments. This stander was from the school and stays there except during the summer break. I've changed the video so that it is now visible again. She continues to make progress, we pray that one day she will walk on her own. She certainly has the leg strength but I believe it is core strength and balance that is holding her back. Thanks again, please stay in touch.

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