Monday, January 15, 2018

Newborn for Newborns

Monday January 22 marks the Day of Prayer for he Legal Protection of Unborn Children.  On Friday January 19th, hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life, race, color, and creed will
descend upon our Nation's Capital in peaceful protest of legalized abortion in our great country.  We should all be praying for the marchers, speakers, law enforcement, politicians, and opponents of life.

Of course being pro-life doesn't end when the baby is born.  We don't revel in another life only to turn our backs on this new life and the mother who bore him or her.  Being pro-life means supporting the choice for life before birth and supporting the mother and baby after birth.

The organization AND - Angels Nurture & Disciple does just that.  They help mothers and their babies in hundreds of ways.  Just some of the things they provide include - emergency housing, financial assistance, education, employment, childcare, spiritual guidance, and much, much more.

Our family feels strongly about the need for care of mothers and children after woman has chosen to keep her baby.  We want to help and we're sure you do too.

You can help by visiting the AND site and donating money, that's simple.

You can help by purchasing diapers for the kids, they'll be shipped via Amazon right to those in need.

You can shop our Real Life Rosary site.  If you purchase any item with the Newborn Twine Color, we'll donate the entire amount of that item to AND.

So, if you buy a Newborn Rosary, Chaplet, Keychain, Bracelet, etc, 100% of that item gets donated to AND.

Buy 10 Newborn rosaries for your Bible Study group, yeah, it all get's donated to AND.  It's what we call Newborn for Newborns and we'll do this until the end of January.

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